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Helping Creatives, Influencers, & Entrepreneurs create a scroll-stopping, unforgettable brand.

Branding is more than visuals, it's a whole vibe

& whether or not you're creating raving fans or

hearing crickets. 

You're a doer AND a Dreamer & definitely a bit of a rebel, so let's throw on your best leather jacket & eff some shit up.

Let's chat brand creation, graphic design, long or short term Brand strategy & more.

Brand Creation & Graphic Design
Untitled design.png
your brand, as art.
Figure it out before you Hire It out

Want some next-level aesthetics but aren't quite ready for bespoke? 

let's get down & Dirty and DIY it in a way that looks anything but.

From Self-branding, to Self Portraits & purchasable templates, I've got your back in a super "no labels" kinda way.

SQ - July 22 Designs (Instagram Story).png
Become immortal. Or at least have your future grandkids say "WTF Gma/pa was HOT"

Get in front of the camera in person or learn to take self-portraits on your own terms, and come out feeling good as hell with pics to prove what an absolute force you are from the inside out.

SQ - July 22 Designs (Instagram Story).png
get inspired & get creating. 

Purchase some art to enjoy or jump into the community spaces to get group coaching support, exclusive content, or become a patreon with some sweet benefits for minimal bucks. 

More details coming soon!

Art & Community
SQ - July 22 Designs (Instagram Story)_e
Strategically clarifying your vision to create visuals, turning your mission to your message, and turning your business into a Fully fledged Brand.

What's got us moving this month.


Meet your

Hey, Pals, I'm Gigi (she/Her) and the founder of Stay Gold. After years oF wandering around trying to find my place in this world, this multi-passionate found her forever creations - and I'm here to help you find yours.

"Get what you want by creating it."


Forever being obsessed with all things aesthetic & design, I Finally, (somewhat reluctantly) went all-in on bringing my passion for beauty & function to brand creation.

building a brand doesn't have to be hard. With a degree in history & a background in songwriting, I know storytelling. With a corporate background in data analytics & business development, I know strategy. And with an obsession with aesthetics, I know design & artistic portraiture that will set you apart.

Want a freebie to get your palette wet? 

get on the email list & get sent some customizable templates to use

on your socials.



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