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see your brand with fresh eyes

Gigi Gold Self Portrait

become unforgettable

Gigi Gold Self Portrait

The Brand Alignment Audit

Costing just £299 you'll get direct feedback on your voice & visuals so you can take the next steps to create an unforgettable, scroll stopping brand that is aligned, congruent, consistent, and speaks to your ideal clients.

Inner Critic Throne of Judgement

Judging your brand so your future

Is your brand an absolute fucking

Don't worry,

I've got your back.

Licking Lips

Let's make something delicious together.

If you still think a brand is pretty graphics or a fancy website you're missing a big trick, pal. 

Don't worry - I'll catch you up to speed. A brand is the perception others have about your work. It’s the feeling they get, the reputation you build, and the clarity (or lack thereof) of what the fuck it is you actually do.

The Brand Alignment Audit is here to give you a (judgemental) outsider’s perspective in 3 areas:




I'm going to be be diving sea diving into the visual components of your branding across your social, website, and all platforms you’re using to see what others see and let you know (ahem...judging) what is working and what isn't to ensure you’re really packing a visual punch & leaving a lasting impression.

I'll sift through your mission & messaging to see what stories are missing, what is actually clear as mud, and how we can authentically connect your real voice with your ideal clients to turn them into raving fans.

And I'll give overall reflections, specific af feedback, and some tangible “next steps” of HOW you can implement changes internally and externally to clear up confusion, shine bright like a diamond, and create an unforgettable brand that looks and feels as good as it functions.

overall brand impression

voice & storytelling

vision & visuals

Black Cat

How it works

step 1

read over this page, decide that this is for you, then sign up & pay here

step 2

step 3

within 24 hours, you’ll get sent a pre-session form. fill this out asap & schedule your call (about 1 week later)

I get to work and dive deep to complete the audit & prepare for the live call with you

step 4

we get on the call you scheduled & chat, strategize, coach, and ideate for about 45 minutes on all things Brand Strategy

step 5

step 6

about 24-48 hours later get the fully polished Brand Alignment Audit PDF with all the advice & next steps laid out for you

receive a free gift via email & a special deal on 1:1 work after completing a testimonial and feedback form

Gigi Gold Self Portrait Graphic

This is for you if...

you've been running your business for at least a year

you're pretty damn solid in wtf you do, but know you need a capital b BRAND to help you stand out in the online spaces

you've got some socials, a website and some visuals

you know your niche (even if you're polishing it up)

you've created some graphics, and maybe had a pro photoshoot

you low-key wonder if you're getting your message to your people or if you're confusing them

you want to grow your audience and be more yourself in how you show up online

you're craving some straight up, no bullshit feedback in a way your business coach or bff ain't ever gonna tell you

you're posting pretty regularly, but aren't feeling all that polished in your visuals or voice

you're DIY-ing 'branding' and not even 100% sure what branding entails

you've got some socials, a website and some visuals

you might have a coach or support but never really addressed your branding deeply

FullSizeRender copy 8.jpg

How much is expected of me? This is a "you get what you give" kinda thing, like most things in the Stay Gold world. That being said, you really need to dedicate the longest amount of time to filling out the form to give G all the insights she needs. When we're on the call, bring your undivided attention.

What level of support do I really get from you? This is a high touch container, even though it’s short. There will be email comms before, a live call to chat/coach/strategize on, and a potential to work together in a deeper capacity afterwards.

What if I want/need a refund? When we’re entering a container, there’s a clear desire for change and growth. So we’re committed to each other! Refunds are not offered, and it’s expected that you commit to the entire process, including the payment. There might be extremely rare circumstances where something is just not a good fit or extremely challenging life events happen, and in those times, contracts can sometimes be ended early, at my discretion.

Ah, this sounds amazing, but I’m a bit nervous. Can we chat? Connection, trust, and gut feelings are what a good relationship is built on. I am happy to exchange a few emails before you dive in, but there are no connection calls for the Brand Alignment Audit. The Brand Alignment Audit also acts as a sort of ‘connection call’ for 1:1 work, too, so this is the gateway to deeper work with me.

I've got a baby business, but I don't have a brand can I start working with you? Now offering a branding starter offer for business owners who want a BRAND -



Your vision as scroll stopping visuals.

Your mission in clear & compelling messaging.

Your unforgettable brand that feels as good as it functions is a click away.

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