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the good shit starts here.

Brand Creation, graphic Design & messaging support, to turn your business into an unforgettable brand.

if your business was...

Original AF


If you want something that looks like everyone else, click close on that tab, baby, this ain't for you. 

This work is for the rebel, the creative, the aesthetic lover, the recovering hipster who wants something real, different, and totally bespoke af. 

Graphic design & Branding that stops the scroll & makes your business unforgettable.

Our services
Brand Creation & Graphic Design

Go beyond the stock images & basic B graphics, we're creating something entirely bespoke that will make your brand scroll stopping & unforgettable & get your vision translated to beautiful visuals.

Business Strategy, Social media & messaging support

From one-off intensives to long term support, get a potent mix of mindset support, business strategy, & a business bestie that's here to help you stop fucking yourself up & start killing it without killing yourself.

Photography & Self Portrait Guidance

Get in front of the camera in person or learn to take self-portraits on your own terms, and come out feeling good as hell with pics to prove what an absolute force you are from the inside out.

Let's create some cool shit together. 

tell me what you want.

more than a pretty picture

heart & soul poured into every corner.


It's time to think of your brand as art. Here's how we'll help you create it.

scroll-stopping visuals & messaging that creates lifelong raving fans.

you've built your business, now you want to shine so no one can miss this magic.

Together, we're clarifying your vision & turning into into bitching visuals, compelling storytelling, and building so much confidence you'll be glad to take center stage. 

an actual step-by-step strategy that works for YOU.

know you’re tired of keeping up with the constant content creation & algorithm changes that give you whiplash. If you want a roadmap, we will make one together. Cause it's great to look great, but you've gotta get it out there consistently in a way that ain't gonna burn you out. 

heart, soul, & straight-no-chaser honesty in every last drop.

A lot of love mixed with best-friend level realness, we're not fucking around here. Straight shooting, belly laughs, and shoulder cries are all game in this space. We're here to make you up & build you up from the inside out. 

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Hey, pal, I'm Gigi.

A reluctant creative, creating relentlessly.

I'm the founder of Stay Gold & Gigi Gold Photography, as well as multiple music projects. I founded Stay Gold because I believed there was more than soul-sucking corporate bullshit, the trappings of the Inner Critic, and doing things like everyone else. If you're a creative with a dream & drive, I'm here to help you see that vision come to life. Working with me means your views on life, business, and yourself are about to change as radically as your brand's visuals.

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"Gigi translates my vision into something tangible that other people can see. This is not your everyday graphic design bullshit. She can help you translate the vision you have in your head and turn it into reality."

Amy Lorbati, Female Liberation Coach at Witch Bitch Whore

Wanna just be friends first? 



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