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WTF is a Virtual Photoshoot anyway?

How to get more amazing images to post on your social media without leaving your house.

Holly greenhouse Virtual Photoshoot

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The pandemic that rocked the world changed everything about how we do business. Yep, even those of us who do business mostly online.

Content creation has always been in the hands of the creator...but what about those professional images we need to make us look as legit as we are?

We've seen massive shifts in photography since it was invented - that's the nature of the world. We used to sit for portraits with our families, in a weird JCpenney's in middle america in a dying mall. We had horrendous school photos. We saw the rise of digital point & shoot cameras, and then finally the smart phone & instagram.

Becoming an amateur photographer is as simple as buying any smartphone & slapping a filter over your portrait mode image.

But does that mean it's any good?

sorry not sorry to burst your IG boyfriend bubble, but your quick selfies aren't really adding much OOMPH to your brand's legitimacy. Yeah, yeah, people DO want to see the IRL, BTS, non-filtered sides of you.

ANd also, your branding needs to feel intentional, professional, and representative of the amazing work you do.

With the rising cost of living, the oversaturated coaching market, and the expectations for online perfection how do we keep up with the demand for gorgeous visuals without going broke?

Back to Covid...

In the before times, it was pretty expected to find a local(ish) photographer and get your branded photoshoots so you can post throughout the year. but everything shifted when it wasn't safe.

So some clever beast invented the Virtual Photoshoot.

"Wtf is a virtual photoshoot" you might ask?

It's the perfect hybrid of self-portraiture meets irl portrait session. Let me explain the process...

It's really no different to joining a video call, setting y

Holly backyard Virtual Photoshoot

our phone up (with my expert composition guidance), you just posing away, and getting an artistically edited image gallery delivered right to your inbox!⁠

It's a fully co-collaborative venture where you can have gorgeous images taken from you home, backyard or anywhere with decent signal. Of course,

it's not going to be exactly like an IRL shoot because we'll be restricted by the camera's technology, and the placement, but between you and me, something amazing can happen.

But what makes a virtual photoshoot so special?⁠

I don't approach virtual photoshoots differently than IRL shoots. I'm here to hold space for you. I walk you through the logistical steps, talk you through each camera angle adjustment, and take our time with set up, poses, and find lots of space to chat, laugh, and connect. ⁠

This isn't some transactional wham-bam type of thing. It might be quick, but the connection is real, and the photos are KILLER. ⁠

And the best thing? You don't have to leave home (unless you want to). ⁠

Virtual Photoshoots are sort of like polaroids - kind of raw, gorgeous snapshots of who and where you are RIGHT NOW. treasured memories of this moment in your life that you get to share with the world.

And at a significantly lower cost, you can explore all your edges, your multidimensions, your changing moods, personas, and backdrops. You won't ever have to run out of new content to post or end up recycling the same 20 images from your last brand shoot for years on end.

we get to be it all - go get the bespoke IRL portrait shoot. Take the selfies. and find space for the in-between and see what magic we

might make together by capturing you as you are right now.

Porter at home Virtual Photoshoot


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