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The Self-Made Creator's Membership

for the creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur craving an action-oriented space to clarify your vision, your voice, and your visuals.

next cycle begins Oct '22

4 weeks starting September 2022

What Clients Say

"You've created a beautiful space of entrepreneurial humans who are creatives who work with creatives."

you will create

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all the foundational pieces of your branding in a way that works for your business & budget


this program will help you:

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Create visual branding with ease & totally aligned with your vision and create the kind of scroll stopping content that builds your audience.

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get into action with challenges & co-working hours so you're always moving forward with accountability.

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get support from a coach & brand strategist around messaging, confidence, and all things business strategy.

It’s hard to juggle all aspects of your business by yourself.

You’re the visionary.
You’re the heart.
You’re the muscle.
You’re the soul.


But- it’s time to get into action and ensure you’re consistently touching back into how you’re expressing your magic to the world.

So in this triannual membership, we’re going to do just that. Get clear, get creating & get confident.

This is a hands on, do it now kinda space that mixes teachings, coaching support, and actionability. 

There are tons of programs out there that focus on teaching theories & expect you to find the time outside of ‘class’ to actually do the thing. In the Self-Made Creator’s Membership, we’re going to spend the vast majority of our time IN ACTION TOGETHER.

You can be self-made without going it alone.

The details


What we talk about

Month 1 - Self-Portraiture & Self-Expression

Over 4 months, we'll hit all the major aspects of creating & honing in on your brand so you can create with ease, message with clarity, feel supported, and build something beautiful. 

Each month there are 4 ways to get involved.

The first Wednesday of every month, get on a live call with Gigi for 90 minutes to get support, advice, feedback, and whatever you need to address in order to get creating. 

The second week will host a challenge that is meant to help you get moving - most are quite straightforward and of course, are optional, but they're designed to help you progress. 

A (generally) quick pre-recorded video will drop in the second week of the month that will teach you something on the topic at hand. 

A 60 minute co-working call will happen in the 3rd week of each month so you can simply show up and get some stuff done. We'll listen to music, chit-chat and just get some shit done. 

Live Support Call



Co-Working Call

The Live calls will generally run on Wednesdays at 17:30 GMT / 12:30 EST / 9:30 PST, but subject to change. 

replays made available within 24 hours.

this membership runs in 4 month cycles so you can hit all the vital areas of branding, business and brain support - whatever price you sign up at originally is the price you're locked in at forever as long as you stay in the membership continually. 

This program costs $88 USD/mo and being in the Membership gives you exclusive discounts to work with Gigi in other ways. 

This is for you if...

  • You're a creative or entrepreneur running a business, creative venture, and wanting to step into crafting a cohesive brand with support on self-portraits, graphics, videos, messaging, mindset, and business strategy.

  • You've got a 1:1 coach or are in other group programs, but want to get a bit of Gigi's particular brand of branding magic without diving into a 1:1 space with her. 

  • You want to consistently create the assets for your brand, but often find yourself not getting around to it. 

  • You're still DIY-ING the majority of your branding, meaning you're creating your own graphics, taking your own photos, writing your own copy, and generally making it all happen without outsourcing to experts.

  • You're desiring an action-oriented accountability type of space so you can show up, create the thing, and spend less time spinning out on what you’re NOT doing.

She mixes deep inner critic mindset work, from her background as a life coach.

Why Gigi?

She has supported over 100 people on their branding, Business, and Self-portrait journeys.

She understands how to create pro-level branding with or without big budgets or teams.

plus, she's a business coach & multi-passionate creative turned brand strategist, who's built multiple distinct businesses & knows how to apply imagery to attract your ideal audience.

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How much is expected of me? This is a "you get what you give" kinda thing, like most things in the Stay Gold world. So, the best case is you get to be on as many of the live calls as possible, participate in the FB group, make friends, and use this as a space to continually dip into all apsects of branding. You can definitely watch the replays & integrate this practice over time, too.

What level of support do I really get from you? The membership is like a fun size candy bar. You’re gonna get a delicious taste of what groups, intensives & 1:1s have available. If you want to go deeper, book into the Brand Alignment Audit or the Make my Business a Brand offer so we can get going in short term or long term 1:1 brand strategy.

What if I want/need a refund? When we’re entering a container, there’s a clear desire for change and growth. So we’re committed to each other! Refunds are not offered, and it’s expected that you commit to the entire process, including the payment. There might be extremely rare circumstances where something is just not a good fit or extremely challenging life events happen, and in those times, contracts can sometimes be ended early, at my discretion. This is a 4 month membership and once you're in, you stay at this pricepoint if you carry on with each cycle. If your payments lapse, you will be given 3 reminders over 5 days to pay and then removed from all spaces if payment is not completed.

Ah, this sounds amazing, but I’m a bit nervous. Can we chat? Connection, trust, and gut feelings are what a good relationship is built on. I am happy to exchange a few emails before you dive in, but there are no connection calls for the Membership.

Do I have to be on the live calls? In short, no. You will get the most bang for your buck if you can make calls live, but timezones are tricky and sometimes life just happens. There is also a Facebook group for you to ask questions, brag, follow up on homework, ask for feedback, network & get supported in between calls. Gigi is based in the UK and aims to hit as many time zones in North America as is possible - but places like Hawaii and APAC/AUS are super tough to cover all bases.

Wanna think about it? No problem. 

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