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elevate your selfies and create some art.



tired of basic selfies letting your feed down? Not ready for that VIP brand shoot yet? 

But need some nice new pictures to post? want to take your image into your own hands?

It's time for Self Portraits.

Gigi Gold Self Portrait Guide Posing Example
Gigi Gold Self Portrait Guide Posing Example

The story of Self-Portraiture

The Self Portrait Guide
What it is
Gigi Gold Self Portrait Guide Posing Example

a self-paced evergreen course with 100 posing prompts to recreate, 21 instructional videos in 15 modules, and pages of mindset journal prompts and worksheets for you to learn to take pro-level self-portraits. 

Who it's for

You're a creative or business owners, maybe not quite ready for a bespoke branded photoshoot, but you've got a desire to get visible in a branded, gorgeous way. You need to post content pretty consistently and you don't want to recycle the same photos all the time. 

You might also just love having gorgeous images of yourself - you don't need an excuse. you feel sick at the idea of time passing without capturing your life with intention. 

This isn't JUST for business owners, it's for anyone who wants to take time for yourself, capture your magic (or mess), and unapologetically take up space.

What you get
Gigi Gold Self Portrait Guide Posing Example

+ lifetime access to the guide & any updates along the way

+ 100 posing prompts to recreate

+ 21 instructional videos in 15 modules 

+ Pages of mindset journals & PDFs to make this easy from the inside out

What you need

don't worry - all the vital stuff is in the guide, but in order to take self-portraits without throwing your phone out the window, start with your camera phone, a tripod, a bluetooth remote & an open mind!

What to expect

tbh, self portraiture is a practice - this is a creative genre that will put you in the roles of creative director, subject, photographer, and editor. and it is SOOOO worthwhile to bring your creative expression to your own hands. it might test you because you'll be a beginner. It might test your procrastination because it's effort. It might test your belief about your creative abilities because it takes practice. But you will become self-expressed and self-sufficient if you keep going. 

What it's not
Gigi Gold Self Portrait Guide Posing Example

While this is a deep dive into self-portraiture, this won't give you 1:1 attention - you can add on an intensive call, where I will help you take the techniques and apply it to your unique self & brand.

What it costs

This course is a super affordable 99 GBP for lifetime access to this go-at-your-own-pace guide (and any updates).

What if I want more?

You can get a virtual photo shoot where you will get to use all your learnings from the SPG, but have gigi take and edit your photos for you!

You can also get a 1:1 intensive on self portraits, or hire me to teach a live workshop in your group program or mastermind. 


It's time to create some cool shit. 

The only way is to start.

Client Love

"Can't thank you enough. I could tell as the day went on how I got more comfortable and learned something new each set. Still learning and watching the patriarchy unfold in my head and try instead to let my heart and joy and pleasure lead the way."

SPG Owner



how hard is this really?

look, i'm not gonna life - self portraiture is practice. but this guide has alllll the tips, tricks, and tools you need to make self portraiture fun and easy. it'll take time to get amazing, but it'll happen.



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