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Take pro-level, creative self-portraits with ease.

The Self Portrait Guide
Live Workshop Series

4 weeks starting September 2022


What Clients Say

"Don't sit on the fence with this, DO IT!!! I did the Self Portrait Guide ast year and took no photos until the group coaching session when Gigi helped me see who I really was and what I wanted to show the world. Then I took these amazing photos of how badass I was feeling."

you will learn

Client Self Portrait Example

the art of self portraiture to become self-expressed & self-sufficient.

Client Self Portrait Example

She mixes deep inner critic mindset work, from her background as a life coach.

Why Gigi?

She has supported over 100 people on their self portrait journeys.

She understands how to create pro-level imagery without fancy equipment & is self-taught.

plus, she's a business coach & multi-passionate creative turned brand strategist, who's built multiple distinct businesses & knows how to apply imagery to attract your ideal audience.

Self Portrait Example
Self Portrait Example

this program will help you:

Stay Gold Brand Kit_edited.png

take creative self portraits with easy posing prompts & editing tricks.

Stay Gold Brand Kit_edited.png

help you get over your visibility blocks & love your physical being right now.

Stay Gold Brand Kit_edited.png

create the kind of scroll stopping content that builds your brand before you hire a pro photographer.

Self Portrait Example

Imagine having a camera roll of next level self portraits at your fingertips…

Imagine having a stunning photo that reflects the words you write, ready to post at any moment…

Imagine not having to wait for a photographer to take your photo to have images you’re excited to share…

Imagine having the tools and knowledge to take advantage of gorgeous lighting, stunning background and a killer outfit with your own two hands…


Imagine feeling confident and clear how to encapsulate your magic into a photo you can share with the world…

Not only is it possible, it’s easy…with The Self-Portrait Guide.

The details

Over 4 weeks, we'll get on 4x 90 minute LIVE workshops that will take you from a self-portrait novice to a confident af pro. As soon as you sign up, you will get the go-at-your-own-pace evergreen guide so you can dive into the details & use the live spaces for application, accountability, and getting artsy af.

A foundational mindset journaling & coaching space to get us warmed up and calm our nervous systems! Being a beginner, being visible, facing our bodies (thanks patriarchy) can sometimes feel sticky.

A LIVE self-portrait session where you’ll log into zoom & take some self-portraits while we’re on the call together. It’s ok to be off-screen, but attendance is accountability!

An editing workshop, where we’ll jump on & take the time to edit our images in whatever app you have available & then dive into the nitty gritty of defining our signature style (cause this equals brand recognition).

A photo reveal party & coaching session, where we’ll celebrate the f*ck out of each other, share our images, get witnessed, and show off our new skills!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

This program Runs on Sundays at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm BST from 4th September for 4 weeks.
replays made available within 24 hours.

This is for you if...

This guide has been created with digital business owners, creatives and influencers in mind - and this is for those of you who think you’re not a creative but secretly want to try.

I want you to walk away with the tools and information to:

  • Have a plethora of poses at your fingertips so you will always have a gorgeous photo so posting is breezy (no more rooting through 1000s of old pics just to give up or get bored)

  • Learn how to make selfies look like self portraits to stretch you between professional photo sessions, deal with covid safety restrictions, or take advantage of gorgeous locations you’ll travel to one day

  • See how editing, organizing, and tools are easy as pie once you put the pieces together and come up with some strategy and structure that will save you time and headache when you’re planning your next posts.

  • Learn some foundational photo principles, get clearer on the photo process, and hone your artists eye to make executing gorgeous photos easier with each session

  • Walk away with photos that capture your essence in an artistic, creative, polished (but imperfect) way

  • Go really deep into finding pleasure in being a beginner, creating space for this (sometimes) time consuming practice, and embrace self portraits as a part of self expression & taking up whatever space you want to online

FullSizeRender copy 8.jpg


How much is expected of me? This is a "you get what you give" kinda thing, like most things in the Stay Gold world. So, the best case is you get into the Self Portrait Guide modules before we begin, and show up to all 4 calls ready to go! You can definitely watch the replays & integrate this practice over time, too.

What level of support do I really get from you? This container will be capped at 15 people so we can make sure everyone has a bit of 1:1 time. Plus, get extra love & support in the Facebook group during the program.

What if I want/need a refund? When we’re entering a container, there’s a clear desire for change and growth. So we’re committed to each other! Refunds are not offered, and it’s expected that you commit to the entire process, including the payment. There might be extremely rare circumstances where something is just not a good fit or extremely challenging life events happen, and in those times, contracts can sometimes be ended early, at my discretion.

Ah, this sounds amazing, but I’m a bit nervous. Can we chat? Connection, trust, and gut feelings are what a good relationship is built on. I am happy to exchange a few emails before you dive in, but there are no connection calls for the Self Portrait Guide workshop series.

What is included in the evergreen guide? For a one time price, you get: + over 60 different posing prompts with sample photos so you can SEE how it’s done + 10 instructional videos jam packed with info about composition, editing, posing tips, organising, using your phone to its max capacity, AND MORE + dozens of mindset journal prompts to help you work through any visibility, body confidence, and self care areas that might crop up + any updates to the guide that are added will be updated in the member’s area straight away!

Self Expression through Self Portraiture is Empowerment

With practice, pleasure, and of course strategy, create tons of ease and maybe even fall (more) in love with yourself in the process.

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