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Zoom, Zoom


VIRTUAL PHOTOSHOOTS FOR the "Never leaving home" Covert Creative.

Don't want to leave home? On a budget? Not patient enough for self portraits?

But need some nice new pictures to post? Don't want life to pass you by without a memory book of images?

It's time to get virtual. 

Tiffany Virutal Remote Photoshoot Image
Virutal Remote Photoshoot Image
Remote Shoots
What it is

This unique style of photoshoot is is all done virtually through a free App, so we don't have to be on the same continent!  A remote photoshoot is the perfect way to get a professional's eye & editing without leaving your home. You just get on the app, I snap, send you your edits & you enjoy! 

Who it's for

You're a covert creative, maybe not quite ready for a bespoke branded photoshoot, but you've got a desire to bring your dream to life. You need to post content pretty consistently and you don't want to recycle the same photos all the time. 

You might also just love having gorgeous images of yourself - you don't need an excuse. You love vintage style photos and you feel sick at the idea of time passing without capturing your life with intention. 

This isn't JUST for business owners, it's for anyone who wants to take time for yourself, capture your magic (or mess), and unapologetically take up space.

What you get

+ 30 or 60 minutes of shoot time

+ 8 or 16 professionally composed & edited images

+ Pre-shoot planning for locations, outfits & vibes

What you need
Virutal Remote Photoshoot Image
Virutal Remote Photoshoot Image

A good connection to a WiFi network or 4G  & a good source of light are vital. You'll need your phone and an App (available for Android or iphone). And it's super, super helpful to have a tripod/ring light to get the most control over phone placement. 

What to expect

It's a hybrid of a self portrait session, as you're in charge of setting up the camera, with my guidance, of course. But I will be taking the photos and have some control of your camera (hacking style). We simply jump on a video chat, and We'll be working together on composition and posing while I take the shots.

What it's not

it might be obvious, but it bears saying - this ain't quite the same as an IRL portrait session. The quality of images won't be quite the same, and you'll also be taking control of the camera placement. Think of it like a polaroid, beautifully lo-fi.

What it costs

This package is a super affordable 150 GBP/250 GPB with the option to buy more photos or your whole gallery!

What if I want more?

You can also sign up to 3 or 6 months of virtual photoshoots so you're always getting the fresh images you need for your content, or simply capturing yourself and your life with intention.

and you'll get a nice little discount if you sign up to a subscription, too@

Let's create some cool shit together. 

The only way is to start.

How it works:

1. decide you want it

2. pay here

3. get your link to book 

4. let's shoot!

"Gigi translates my vision into something tangible that other people can see. This is not your everyday graphic design bullshit. She can help you translate the vision you have in your head and turn it into reality."

Amy Lorbati, Female Liberation Coach at Witch Bitch Whore




the difference between a 30 or 60 minute shoot?

With a 30 min shoot, you get only 1 outfit and 1 location. in that time, you can add a jacket, scarf, or sunglasses for some variation. You can move to different corners or angles of your room, but you're just going to be in that one spot.

With a 60 min shoot, you get 2 outfits and 2 locations (within your house, house to backyard, etc. You'll get more variety and more edits, too!



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