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Brand design as

Graphic design for the bold bitches & Creative witches.


Turn your business into a scroll stopping brand that books.

Glam Rock Woman

regardless of your revenue or IG follower count, creating a polished brand is vital to your success because it builds trust.

Maybe you’ve tried your hand at DIY branding or you're relying on canva templates.

Or maybe this whole branding process is just too daunting.

Branding is more than a logo & graphics - it's the visual representation of your business's heart & soul.

Every creative element is intentionally made to attract the right person with purpose.

Is your brand attracting the right people?


bespoke brand design

Creating Bespoke Brand Identities for the Entrepreneur Who Won't Be Missed.

When you collaborate with the House of Gold Creations, you’re investing in more than some graphics. We’ll craft an edgy, editorial, emotive brand identity design that represents the fiery heart beat of your business.


Branding Packages


Brand & Grow

If you’re ready to uplevel your brand & get seen but not quite ready to outsource it all, this is the package for you. You’ll receive all the foundational bits of visual branding kit & starter graphics done for you, as well as 1:1 lessons from me so you can create,amend, and expand your new templates with confidence!

THIS PACKAGE GIVES YOU THE FOUNDATIONS OF BRANDING DONE FOR YOU AND extra tools & support so you can DIY it without it looking DIY. This is your success starter package.

8-10 weeks

black paper heart

(payment plans available)

designs you get

support you get

extras you get

"Gigi translates my vision into something tangible that other people can see. This is not your everyday graphic design bullshit. She can help you translate the vision you have in your head and turn it into reality."

Amy Lorbati, Female Liberation Coach at Witch Bitch Whore

Retro Television Set

How it all works
Here's the basic 411 on what this process looks like, step by step.


Connection Call

First things first, let's get on an actual call and connect as real life humans (after copious amounts of coffee, of course). Fill out that intake form, book a call, and let's chat about all of your biggest hops & dreams (at least for your branding). 



Inevitably, you'll want some changes because you're picky af and you should be! So, we'll pause once your designs are ready, you'll choose a direction (if you get more than 1) and I'll take your notes & make them come alive.


Contracts & Money

After we decide what package you want, we put it in writing & you sign your life away. JK! But we both sign an agreement, and a 50% non-refundable retainer is paid upfront to get work going.



After those edits, your designs are DONE! We'll jump on a zoom and do a virtual walk through, so we can celebrate our collective genius together. We can even chat about next steps (like wtf to actually do with all these graphics).


Work Work Work

This is where we BOTH start to work. You'll fill out some detailed forms & I'll get to researching, drafting, mocking, crying, ideating, creating & all the things. You'll get peeks along the way to ensure we're on track.


Money please!

This is the easiest one of them all! Before your final high res designs are handed over, you make your final payment and TA-DA, they're yours FOREVER! Then you get to bask in your genius & promote the hell out of your business.


"what if idk what I want or need?"

It sounds like you need an audit! 

Sign up for one of only 5 spots per month & I'll send you a 5 minute first impression back to you for free! 

if you want to go all-in, check out the Brand Alignment Audit, where you'll get a deep dive of voice, visuals, mission, message & overall impressions. And if you work with me in Brand Strategy or Design, get the cost of the audit taken off your first payment!



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